What do I get for my money?

A guaranteed conversation with a pre-qualified investor of your choice. This means a chance to raise capital (not guaranteed, that’s up to you and the investor), constructive feedback on your business, potential next steps and strategic considerations, as well as introductions to useful contacts in the investor’s network, if appropriate. We also offer a money back guarantee. If you never got what your paid for, we will refund you in full.

How much money can I pitch for?

Our investors will accept pitches for funding anywhere up to R500k per business. Within this range, no amount is too large or too small. Think about what you need to do to get your business to the next level, and what that will cost.

What stage does my business need to be at?

Businesses at any stage are welcome to pitch. Even if your business is at a very early stage it is possible to raise funding. The only thing that will change is the investment strategy. For example, if your business at the very early stages, or even just an idea, focus will be on a suitable investment amount to fund activities that will prove the concept. For businesses that have already proved they are commercially viable, focus will be on an investment that will exploit more market opportunities.

Who is eligible to pitch?

In short, all South African entrepreneurs. We are about the person and the business. Any age, any colour, any sex, any religion….anyone!

Is it safe to pitch?

Yes 100% safe. We are committed to confidentiality and non-disclosure. Legally speaking, we guarantee not to use any pitch submitted to us for marketing or promotional purposes without permission. We, and our investors also guarantee not to distribute your pitch video to any third party without your permission. Also remember that to start a conversation with us you don’t need to provide details of important trade secrets or confidential information. You don’t have the time in three minutes anyway. If you reach a point in future discussions where this is necessary to make an investment,our investors will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.

Why video clip pitches instead of business plans?

At PitchLab we are big on conversations. Our investors need to get a good sense of who you are. A pitch is a great way for you to sell yourself and your business, and ultimately to kick off a conversation.

How long does the process take?

Its quick! Once your pitch has been reviewed you will be connected with your investor in a couple of days for the pitch conversation.

Can I pitch more than once if I am unsuccessful?

Yes. But you need to select a new investor and pay the fee again. Make sure you are ready before you do this!

Is PitchLab a fund?

No, our investors are independent and are investing their own money. When you have a conversation with your investor you will be talking directly to them.

Still got questions?

If you have any other queries get hold message us on Facebook and we will be sure to answer any questions you have.