Investor/Adviser FAQs

What does it cost?

Listing as an investor is free for the moment. We charge a small commission on deals concluded. Advisers pay a percentage of their earnings to us.

Is it free for everyone?

No. Entrepreneurs pay to access the services of advisers and to pitch to investors.

Why should I use Pitchlab instead of other platforms? OR what makes Pitchlab different?

  • Waste less time – Pitchlab streamlines the process for you
  • We match you with viable, verified opportunities
  • Quality leads only - all pitches vetted on Pitchlab by real people
  • Contribute to a culture of inclusion and drive – the Pitchlab approach increases excellence in the sector even when you say, “no”. 
  • One platform, one point of contact
  • No laptops or meetings
  • Potential profit in your pocket – it’s done on your smartphone

How do you ensure quality pitches?

Pitches are produced according to strict guidelines and are vetted for readiness by qualified professionals before getting to investors.

How much do I need to become an investor?

There are a wide range of investment options. Early stage investments from 50k to 500k are possible, as well as bigger deals for more established opportunities. You set your own limits.

What is the difference between an investor and an adviser?

Advisers step in for entrepreneurs whose opportunity is not mature enough to be placed in front of an investor. Advisers guide entrepreneurs on what they can do to get ready. Advisers are paid to provide this service.

I’ve a first-time investor. Can I start small?

Yes, definitely. We welcome quality concepts looking for cash ranging from as little as R20k upwards. If you prefer, you could also apply to become an apprentice investor and help screen the pitches (which we’ll pay you for).

I’m a seasoned investor. What do you have for me?

We have quality pitches that have already been vetted for your convenience. Proof of concept is done, and they all scale, so you can spend more time finding the one that feels right. 

Why video instead of business plans?

Because the best deals happen face-to-face, and because entrepreneurs are only worth their salt if they can speak to their plan! We believe all tech is human, and practise it, too. Using video to have a back-and-forth conversation with a candidate adds a personal touch that highlights the values and individuals driving the ideas.

I found a Pitchlab pitch I want to invest in. What’s your legal process?

PitchLab acts as an introductory service. We have an alliance with BDO South Africa ( who are specialists at handling the administration and contracting for funding deals.

Is Pitchlab faster than traditional venture exercises?

It's very efficient. The entrepreneur is the primary driver of success in early stage businesses. By getting to know them upfront, you can get a sense right a way if they are able to pull it off. On the one hand you don't have to wade through business plans before finally meeting an entrepreneur who may let you down. On the other you can more easily find talented entrepreneurs who could mould their ideas into valuable prospects. 

Is there a limit to how many pitches I can be involved in at one time?

No. You set your own availability to be matched to pitch conversations. We don't recommend you undertake more than five pitch conversations at once so that you don't lose track of whose who!

I like the style/structure of one business idea but it’s not quite right for me. Can I see similar models in other sectors/industries?

We will match you with opportunities according the criteria you set. You can change these at any time to suit your preferences.

Phones get hacked. How do I know my privacy is protected?

We use end-to-end encryption and the latest in security technology to ensure that you and the candidate are the only ones privy to the conversation.