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An elevator pitch, elevator speech or elevator statement is a short sales pitch, that is, a summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition.

Create a video clip of yourself and[not_logged_in]…[/not_logged_in][restrict] pitch your business to us. Make it simple, do it on your smartphone. Give us a sense of who you are, relax and have fun. The pitch should be a maximum of three minutes. Keep it brief and clear and just tell us what we need to know.


REMEMBER – you’ve got 3 minutes, just be yourself but┬ámake sure you tell us:

  1. Who you are?
  2. What does your business do?
  3. Who does it do it for?
  4. What makes it unique, or special?
  5. What have you achieved so far?
  6. What are the next steps you are about to take?
  7. How you would like us to help you?

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